Boy Meets World: Cincinnati band to serve food and, hopefully, music along summer Warped Tour

Paying their dues by working for caterers

CINCINNATI -- Cincinnati band Boy Meets World  is two years old, but with a couple videos and a mini-album out, they’ve already developed a devoted following of high schoolers. The band has tapped into an ingenious avenue for boosting its name and developing relationships with industry insiders—working for the food caterers along this summer’s Warped Tour .

The band will cook and serve food to other musicians along the final 42 dates of the tour, through Aug. 3. In the video above, we’ll watch footage from a recent performance in Covington and talk to the band about jumping onto the food truck of one of rock music’s most enduring festivals.

The work is unpaid other than meals and crew-access passes to all dates along the tour. As a perk, Boy Meets World has been offered a performance slot on a secondary stage for Warped's July 16 date at Riverbend.

In the meantime, between official kitchen duties, band members plan to network with musicians and managers and hand out CDs to as many people who will take them. The quintet, which also hopes to pick up a few other chances to perform, are piling into their van on Friday, June 13, and will sleep there most nights, save for the infrequent motel rooms for showering, through Aug. 3.

"It's a steppingstone. You get your foot in the door," bassist Brad Sulken said, adding that Warped has made it a recent practice to offer these unpaid catering assistance gigs to young bands. "It's a first step. Do this, pay your dues, next year work your way up to the stage."

Anchoring Boy Meets World are three brothers who grew up in Colerain Township—bassist Brad Sulken, singer Craig Sulken and drummer Ryan Sulken. Craig and Ryan are two-thirds of a set of triplets.

"Our sister got the brains," Ryan said.


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