Wiedemann Brewing launches new seasonal line, 12-pack cans

NEWPORT, Ky. -- Two new products are set to hit store shelves from Wiedemann Brewing soon.

The Newport-based company will be launching 12-pack cans and a seasonal line of six-pack beers.

The first of the new seasonal bottle line will be Wiedemann’s Royal, a Dortmunder-style amber lager that was introduced last summer.

Wiedemann’s owner, Jon Newberry, said the Listermann Brewing Company developed the recipe for Royal lager. Listermann also helped bring back Wiedemann’s other beers.

“People are always asking us about a premium beer Wiedemann used to make that was called Royal Amber. It was judged to be the best beer in America in a nationwide blind taste test in the 1970s. The new Wiedemann’s Royal is our tribute to that long tradition of excellence,” Newberry said in a release.

Royal will be available in the six-pack March through June at Kroger grocery stores and other bottle shops. Other seasonal beers will include Widemann’s Oktoberfest and Bock beers.

In addition to the new bottle six-packs, Wiedemann is also releasing its flagship Special Lager in 12-pack cans.

The 12-packs will be available by opening day.

Newberry said the cans will feature a red-and-white logo that is reminiscent of the classic Widemann bottles and cans of the past.

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