The Taxman Cometh: Listermann Brewing to release barrel-aged 'Audit Ale' on tax day

As the deadline for the taxman looms, one local brewery is putting a special twist on the dreaded occasion.

Listermann Brewing will release a special series of barrel-aged beers Tuesday at noon.

The “Audit Ale” comes from a tradition that dates back centuries. Its background includes an ale that was given to tenants who paid their taxes in 1400s England , to beer that was given to students at Oxford and Cambridge after their oral exams.

No matter the history, Audit Ales were known for being strong brews. The brewers at Listermann said the ale weighs in at 8.6 percent ABV and was aged in bourbon barrels for at least two months.

The idea for the series came from Dan Listermann himself, the owner and creator of the brewery.

Jason Brewer, of Listermann Brewing, said Listermann was reading up on old beer styles and “all he had to do was say ‘age it in bourbon barrels’ and I was sold.”

The beer is developed by new head brewer Patrick Gilroy.

Gilroy said the Audit Ale is a "culmination of everyone's beer knowledge in the brewery" and that “it’s a really good beer that I would never have thought to brew or buy, so I am really glad we did."

Two months after the beer was brewed, the brewers “audited” the beer by taking samples from the barrels to see how it was aging. Only one barrel was selected for the initial bottling. Audits will continue on the rest of the barrels; and only the barrels that are “ready” will be bottled and kegged.

Brewer said the company is hoping to release the beers once every couple months, but they will only release the beer when it is ready. He said the second selection will be bottled this week and a release date will be announced soon.

Each beer series will be wax dipped in a different color, making it easy to determine what audit it was taken from.

The first release day – Audit Day – will be Tuesday at noon. The release event goes until 8 p.m. The beer will retail for $8.99 per bottle.

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