BrewProfessor: New tanks, new beers at MadTree, Rhinegeist

Christmas is coming early for two Queen City brewers.

MadTree : Things remain very active at the canning brewery. Today they took deliver of two shiny new 60bbl American-made tanks .

This puts their astonishing growth at 330 barrels of capacity after launching with just 90! This 270 percent increase puts them in spitting distance of being considered a regional craft brewery (defined as 15,000+bbls per year production). Look out Dayton and Northern Kentucky – MadTree is coming!

They’ve been releasing a variety of beers at a furious pace thanks to all the new tanks. They just finished brewing a barleywine after dosing some beers last year with some funky sour yeast.  I also saw them putting together another batch of the delicious Galaxy High IPA.

Rhinegeist : It’s a Christmas miracle in OTR. They have two 80bbl fermenters and an 80bbl brite tank set to be delivered in about two weeks. This means more Fiction, Saber Tooth Tiger, and Panther in the next couple of months.  Beyond new beers, it also means CANS in the New Year!  They also have two new beers coming out to wow taste buds.

  • Turkey Blue: This is a 6.7% ABV, 32 IBU saison with Vienna and Pils malts. It also features wheat from the popular Blue Oven bakery as a special ingredient.
  • Gramps: This ain’t your grand dad’s crappy adjunct lager with the generic “beer” label. This is a burly American Barleywine pumped full of Bravo, Cascade, and Chinook hops. It clocks in at a respect-your-elders 8.8% ABV and  73 IBUs. I can’t wait for this one!!

Rhinegeist will also have a hoppy “Holiday” red ale called Dad being released Wednesday at the brewery at 4 p.m. This sounds very promising!  It’s an unconfirmed 5.7%ABV and 31 IBUs.

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