'I Liked You Better Deaf' viral video: Son writes humorous song for his dad

A son serenaded his father with a hilarious song on Christmas.

Danny Hamilton said his dad, who has been hard of hearing for years, recently invested in some hearing aids.

So Danny wrote and performed a song to tell his dad, "I Liked You Better Deaf."  The title of the tune may sound insulting, but it's evident that Danny poured a lot of love into his lyrics. "I Liked You Better Deaf" has become an instant YouTube hit with over half a million views. 

Check it out for yourself below. And if you have trouble hearing Danny (get it?), no need to invest in hearing aids, the lyrics to his song are also posted below.

Mobile users view here:  http://bit.ly/1eeh76K

Lyrics via DannyTheHamilton YouTube Channel 

There used to be a time, it was rather recently
When I'd play something on the stereo
And mom would say "Danny won't you turn that noise down"
And you'd say, "it's already very low"
Seemed that I could always count on you
To come and take my side
When I'd set the volume up at 62
And someone else wanted it at 35
But since you found out that your ears are micable
I have to say it's made you just a touch less likeable
You never used to know the difference 'tween the bass and treble clef
And it isn't hard to tell you that I liked you better deaf

It used to be if I'd run out of anything to say
I could just mumble and you'd usually go away
It used to be what I was bringing to the conversation
Was subject to a wider range of your interpretation
But now I see
That I must be
Living in a nightmare, why it's every son's worst fear
To have a dad forever clad with supersonic ears
And I don't mean to tell you that I love you any less
But there's no doubt about it that I liked you better deaf

If I had once forgot to tell you something, say a chord I hadn't struck
Like, "The mail's arrived" "I owe you five" "Run away" or "Duck!"
Once I could have played it off without blood sweat or tears
"I told you that," I'd tell you, and you'd blame it on your ears
It once was undetectable but now it's ineffectual
The odds are insurmountable and I am held accountable
And you never would've noticed if I swore under my breath
Now I don't have to shout to say I liked you better deaf

See now I've reached a point where it's hard to make a rhyme
But the song needs another verse to reach a fitting time
And if I had been writing it for old deaf dad
I might have left a phrase or two... unfinished
But only the best for you and your new hearing
You will find that every rhyme is aurally endearing
And I'm afraid that now you've left me lyrically bereft
But I only need five words to say I liked you better deaf

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