Cincinnati Museum Center might stage LumenoCity-style light show featuring comic book connection

Hall of Justice modeled after Union Terminal

CINCINNATI – The Cincinnati Museum Center wants to stage a LumenoCity-style light show based on the Hall of Justice connection to Union Terminal.

But it's still in the preliminary discussion stage, according to Elizabeth Pierce, vice president for marketing and communications at Museum Center.

"After LumenoCity last year, people would say to us, 'Oh my god, that would be so cool to do at Union Terminal!' And it would be,"  Pierce said Wednesday.

"We'd be very excited to tell the story of the Hall of Justice and Super Friends. So far, we've had some discussions about it, but we haven't gotten beyond how to pay for it."

Union Terminal, Cincinnati's art deco landmark, was the model for the Hall of Justice, the fictional headquarters of the Justice League superheroes in DC Comics. The Justice League originally included Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman.

The Museum Center would like to hold the event in September to time it with Cincy Comic Con and Cincinnati Comic Expo that month, Pierce said. 

The large Union Terminal mall would be a perfect place to accommodate a large audience, she said.

The Museum Center has had discussions with Landor, the design and innovation firm that staged the first light spectacular at Washington Park and Music Hall last year, said Pierce.

Those discussions began months ago, she said, before the LumenoCity ticket snafu raised a public outcry this week.

But the show won't go on unless the Museum Center can find sponsors, Pierce said.

"It would require a giant budget," she said. "I'd say $1 million would be the starting point."

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