Cincinnati Halloween attraction produces 'Harlem Shake' video

Crazy dance videos are viral nationwide

CINCINNATI - Have you heard of the Harlem Shake? According to it was a dance move from the 1980s . The 21st Century twist is a seemingly unstoppable stream of video versions, with more than 44 million views on YouTube.

Now  The Dent Schoolhouse , a local Halloween attraction, is getting in on the action. Co-owner Bud Stross told WCPO Digital it produced a version of the Harlem Shake during an open shoot Saturday.


The conditions were: you had to dress up as a zombie, monster, or "something ridiculous," and you have to be ready to shake. These requirements are something all the Harlem Shake videos have in common: crazy outfits and bad dance moves.

"I was at home looking at YouTube one day," Stross said. "And the Harlem Shake popped up, and then I saw they were everywhere."

Stross and his staff at The Dent Schoolhouse are not new to the viral video scene. In 2012, they produced a version of "Call Me Maybe."

This is the first time Dent has opened a viral video shoot to the public. Stross said parking will be available across from the schoolhouse. 

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