Bockfest fans to burn effigy to stave off latest winter snowstorm

CINCINNATI -- As yet another potentially nasty winter storm barrels its way to the Tri-State, a motley band of Bockfest devotees are set to do what they can to appease Mother Nature.

For the past five years, a group of Bockfest fans have burned an effigy of a snowman to stave off bad weather.

Let's hope that tradition works because the looming snowstorm could dump another load of snow across the area.

A Winter Storm Watch was issued Friday for counties across the Tri-State and Meteorologist Larry Handley described the storm as "significant." He said the worst of the conditions will arrive Sunday night through Monday.

The storm will start with rain, sleet and snow before conditions worsen by Sunday night. By Monday, residents can expect accumulating snow up to a foot.

Winter Storm Watch issued across Tri-State

Organizers said the effigy tradition was born after 2008 when Bockfest was almost shut down because of a terrible snowstorm.

A small group of hardcore fans made it out to Bockfest Hall to celebrate the tapping of the kegs but most people weren’t able to make it down.

The next year, Bockfest organizers decided to get their revenge and burned the first effigy at Grammer’s. Festivalgoers were then treated to a beautiful Bockfest weekend.

The following years have also met with much success in the weather department, leading organizers to hope this year will be the same.

This year the burning of the effigy will take place at Milton’s Tavern at 301 Milton St. at 5:30 p.m.

Here’s to hoping their “sacrifice” will save us all from another winty blast.

Bockfest is a celebration of Cincinnati’s brewing heritage and the coming of spring. It has been a Queen City tradition for 22 years and runs March 7-9.

The festival is full of events at several locations throughout downtown and Over-the-Rhine.

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