Winterizing your home for cold temperatures

Time to winterize your home

CINCINNATI - Even though it’s fall, it feels more like January. This week’s cold snap has got us all thinking about winter a little early, but it’s never too early to start thinking about ways to keep the cold out. Now is the time to think about winterizing your home. Kevin Bomkamp at Camp Washington Hardware has some advice.

“Probably the leakiest things are your windows and you can buy a peel and stick rubber foam that you would actually put it on the inside of the window.”

Bomkamp says you can also get a window kit that would cover the whole window with plastic.  Foam or caulking can be used to fill holes, but what about your pipes? He says that freezing pipes are a big problem, because if they freeze, you get water damage. 

Think it’s too early for those pipes to freeze?  Think again. Bomkamp says they’ve been busy at their store.

“We’ve sold some pipe insulation. We’ve had some pipes freeze already, so we’ve sold some of the heat tapes that keep pipes from freezing.” 

Bomkamp explains how you can protect your pipes.

“Wrap a heat tape around it, then you would put this on top of the heat tape, or you would wrap some kind of pipe insulation on top of that heat tape.”

Bomkamp says that you want to check basement pipes that may be along the outside walls.  The insulation is very important, because you have to have something that holds the heat from the heat tape in, or it could still freeze.

Once you’ve insulated your pipes and sealed any leaky windows, there are some things you can do to save money on your heating bill:

-First, get your furnace checked before winter, to make sure it’s running efficiently. 

-Also, turn your thermostat to the lowest setting that’s comfortable. If you’re going away for a few days, you can turn it down, but don’t turn it off.

-Don’t forget to change those filters. Dirty filters can cause the furnace to work harder.

-Make sure registers and vents aren’t blocked by drapes or furniture

-Keep the vents clean using a vacuum cleaner or broom

-Check your heating system’s ductwork to make sure it’s insulated.


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