Winter wears on residents, road crews, and salt supplies.

CINCINNATI – Sunday brought a new round of snow, Monday another day spent cleaning up, and a new chorus of complaints.

For many Tri-State residents patience with winter, much like salt piles, is exhausted.

“The roads are never plowed. There's a lot cars on the side of the road, literally every day a lot of wrecks and people just don't go anywhere," said North Fairmount resident Mischelle Randell. “Just getting to work is a hassle.”

Cincinnati AAA confirmed the headache for drivers, stating they received more than 460 calls for emergency roadside assistance overnight Sunday and more than 55,000 calls since this winter began.

Rather than hard numbers, Stanley Beck of Beck’s Hardware sees the winter’s severity reflected in his inventory.

“"These are all empty pallets," said Beck, pointing to his depleted stock of salt to melt ice. "We even sold the water softener salt, you know those little cubes, we even sold that out, just to give people something. Because if you drive a car on it, it gives them traction and it will melt and it will still be salt."

Beck’s Hardware has an order in for salt that should arrive mid-week. Everyone though is hoping the winter whether is over.

Forecast though are cautiously optimistic, with cold weather sticking around to the middle of the week and a high creeping toward 50 by Friday.

"Is it today the last day? I hope it ends!" said Randell.

In the meantime, Cincinnati city officials are asking for patience. They announced crews would be out Monday night, scooping snow to the center lanes of most main roads and shoveling that snow out of the downtown business district.

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