The 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season is off to a slow start

Humberto could be the first hurricane

CINCINNATI, OHIO - It’s a BIG week for this year’s Atlantic hurricane season, as we have not seen our first hurricane yet.  All eyes are on Tropical Storm Humberto in the Eastern Atlantic though, which will probably be our first Atlantic hurricane of the year.

The LATEST first hurricane in the satellite era was Gustav on September 11th in 2002, but the all-time record goes to a hurricane that formed on October 8th in 1905.

The average date that we see our first hurricane is August 10th, and our first major hurricane usually forms by September 4th.

Interestingly, today is considered the “Peak Day” for hurricane season 2013.

Even though we’ve had a slow start that does not mean that we won’t fulfill the forecast… it can still be an active year. The 2013 hurricane season forecast issued on August 2nd by Philip J. Klotzbach and William M. Gray looks like this:

Named storms: 18

Hurricanes: 8

Major hurricanes: 3

If Tropical Storm Humberto holds off until after 8am on September 11th, it will be the latest date we've seen the first hurricane since the 1960s, when satellite came into the picture. As of now though, Humberto looks like it will reach hurricane strength later this afternoon, keeping Gustav as the record-holder.

For the full 2013 Hurricane Forecast go here.

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