Threat of winter weather spurs salt shortage at local hardware shops

FORT MITCHELL, Ky. -- The Tri-State has seen so much snow and ice this winter , some local hardware stores say they’re running out of supplies.

While the bad weather may mean big business for local hardware shops it also means shoppers have to scramble to get their salt and shovels.

Small’s Best Hardware manager Tom Felix said his shop is running low on all those winter necessities.

The shop says they can’t find 50-pound bags of salt to order but they do have plenty of 25-pound bags. However, Felix said he expects those to be sold out by Tuesday night.

"Because of the high demand, a lot of the warehouses throughout Cincinnati are out of the ice melters and the salt and everything. Our warehouse is in the Midwest -- in Missouri -- and because of the hard weather they've had throughout the Midwest, those warehouses are totally empty, and those are our supplies,” Felix said.

The shop says it expects a shipment of shovels Wednesday.

Felix said he’s gained more than 450 new customers this winter and has seen more than a 50 percent increase in January and February sales this year.

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