How to protect plants from deep freeze

CINCINNATI - A Freeze Warning and Frost Advisory may have caught folks by surprise in the Tri-State, especially after weeks of unseasonably warm and record breaking temperatures.  Climate data though shows that temperatures have bottomed out at the freezing mark as late as mid April.  But lately the cold temperatures have taken a back seat to 70s and 80s across the region.  The warmer weather has produced an early bloom for plants and other vegetation.

Paul Koloszar, a horticulturalist at the Civic Garden Center of Cincinnati , says there is no need to worry about tender plants making it through the night. However, he has some advice for those that are worried.

"If they are really worried they could always throw a sheet on stuff but most things that are already blooming or growing are well adapted to this.  Now if somebody put out annuals, I'm sure you have chastised them not to, well they're just going to have to stick it out," said Koloszar.

lf you want to check out an explosion of brilliant spring colors, check out the Civic Garden Center of Cincinnati, located on Reading Road.  There you'll find everything from yellow epimediums, red tulips, purple pansies and everything in between.  The center also offers classes on plant care and gardening.

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