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Road crews at the ready for winter

Prepared ahead of busy time

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CAMP WASHINGTON, Ohio - That chill in the air means it won't be long until Tri-State drivers are facing the possibility of slick, icy, or snow covered roads.

In Cincinnati, the Department of Public Service is charged with the job of keeping the roads clear... spreading the salt, and plowing the snow. And, it's actually a year-round job.

Jarrod Bolden, who is Superintendent of the Department and oversees the road crews says drivers actually spend the warmer months reviewing routes for efficiency, and making sure the equipment is working properly.

Hard as it may be to believe, an entire dump truck full of salt can be spread in about a half hour and then it's back for a refill. That means the Department has to have a strategy to not only keep the salt moving into those truck beds but also to keep the trucks moving in and out of the main salt pile location in Camp Washington, near I-75.

With all the work that's likely ahead of them, you might think the crews dread this time of year. But, Bolden says they have a sense of pride.

"We know we provide a service," Bolden said. "It's important to help children get to school and our fellow citizens get to work. We're citizens, too, and it feels good to make that contribution."

As for the few months ahead, Bolden says they are definitely ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store for them.

To check out when your street might be plowed this winter, check out our plow priority investigation at .

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