Frosty night then sunshine returns

Colder nights ahead, frost develops

Frost Advisory from 4 a.m. until 9 a.m. for much of the Tri-State. Take precaution with sensitive plants. Clouds will begin to clear out overnight and temperatures fall into the 30s allowing areas of patchy frost to develop in some Tri-State communities.

If you have more sensitive plants, make sure to cover them up or bring them in.  Patchy frost can easily damage those plants.  But flowers like mums and asters are a bit more hardy and don't get damaged as easily. 

QUICK TIP: Do you know what fabric is best to cover your plants with?  A sheet or blanket is your best option when covering plants.  Don't grab a tarp or anything plastic from the garage because it doesn't allow your plant to breathe.  Cloth, like your sheet, will help hold the surface heat around the plant to protect it while still allowing it to get the oxygen it needs.

Frost Advisory

High pressure is finally moving in for Thursday's forecast and this means sunny skies, light winds and slightly warmer temperatures. We'll climb back to 60°F.  But the ample sunshine is short-lived due to a fast moving system coming in from the Plains.

This will increase cloud cover for Friday's forecast and even bring in a few isolated showers that morning.  Thankfully, this isn't going to derail our warm up into the weekend forecast.


Mostly clear, colder

Patchy Frost

LOW: 36


Morning frost

Mostly sunny

HIGH: 60


Isolated morning showers

Partly cloudy

HIGH:  63

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