Return to Summer

Find out when the next chance for rain hits

Another pleasant, mild night around here with a quiet forecast until the end of the week. This evening, you'll only find high clouds and temps in the 60s for the next few hours. By the time you wake up in the morning, the thermometer will be sitting in the upper 50s.

Feeling like summer again

So, it's mild weather for Tuesday and this week's temperature forecast is not something we would consider typical for early October. Generally, average highs are near the 70 degree mark and we'll be well above that for the next 4 days.

High pressure is moving into the Tri-State during the week and this keeps the forecast dry and warm. Highs will range from 75-78 .

Feeling like late summer again

A cold front finally starts to approach the Ohio Valley later this week but it doesn't bring and rain for us until early on least the timing right now. Naturally, with Friday night football, it's something we will track through the week.


Partly cloudy
Low: 57


Mostly Sunny
Mild again
High: 77


Partly cloudy
Low: 57



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