Chance for tornadoes increases daily

Storm season stretches through mid-September

We’re halfway through April, but it’s the beginning of storm season.

In the last nine years, we typically see about a fourth of all the tornadoes we’ll see the entire year by this point.

This is also the time of year when tornadoes become more frequent. The chances of seeing at least one tornado anywhere in the United States grows rapidly during the spring months, peaking in summer.

In January and February, the chance of seeing a tornado is a little less than 20 percent. By March, that number increases to 30 percent. As of April 1, that little statistic jumped to 50 percent, and now we’re up to a 60 percent chance.

That means on any given day from now until mid-September, the chance for at least one tornado or more is better than a coin toss. By the first day of summer, it’s nearly a nine out of 10 chance we’ll see a tornado somewhere in the country.

Looking at these numbers can be scary, which is why it’s better to be prepared for the worst as the storm season winds up.

Start by having a plan in place in the event of severe weather. The safest place during a tornado is the basement or an interior room like a bathroom, away from windows.

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