Become a storm spotter for the National Weather Service

Severe weather storm spotter

WILMINGTON, OHO - Do you love watching the weather?

You can take it one step further and learn how to report it to the National Weather Service by becoming a storm spotter.

The National Weather Service needs you to help observe and report weather conditions in your area, said Mary Jo Parke, the warning coordination meteorologist at the weather service in Wilmington.

"We're looking for people who have a real interest in the weather and then providing ground truth information to us," she said. "That's basically telling us what's happening when storms as they move through the area on the ground."

Even with advances in technology and radar, the National Weather Service still needs your eyes and ears to verify what is on radar is really happening.

"We'll talk about all the different weather hazards that occur from severe thunderstorms to tornadoes, flash floods and even some winter weather," she said. "We'll give 'em an idea of what to look for, what's important to us, what kinds of information do we need to know and then how to report that information to us in a timely manner."

Sound fun? Gregg Yeary, a future storm spotter from Delhi Township, thinks so.

"Well it seems interesting," he said. "It's fascinating, the weather, and meteorology. I kind of like the study of it.  I like educational things…I like learning new things."

When you go to a spotter training class, there will be a power point presentation with photos and video, along with expert training. You'll be taught, in a room, with plenty of chairs…waiting to be filled by people like you.

There are a few more in our area in September, but plenty more returning in the winter and springs. Here’s a link to those classes and more information on spotter training:

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