Ault Park using QR code technology

New QR code technology at Ault Park

CINCINNATI - The next time you take a stroll through Ault Park, you may notice something uniquely different labeled on some of the plants and trees.

It's called Quick Response codes (QR codes) which are part of a new pilot project launched by Cincinnati Parks.

Cincinnati Parks has partnered with QuipTV, a local QR code catalyst company, to introduce a new way of getting information in the park.

The QR codes can be accessed by an app on smartphones that will take visitors at the park on a virtual tour guide that provides information and education on the plants and trees with coding.

Jennifer Harten is Cincinnati Parks Region Manager. She says the QR codes will give those who visit the park a better experience.

"When they scan their smart phones across one of these QR Codes, They'll be taken to a web site which will give them about a 30 minute clip on some of the environmental conditions and what kind of plant they're looking at," she said.

You'll need to download an app to your smart phone that can read the QR code. You can find free QR apps in the Apple Store and Google Play.

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