2011-2012 winter ranks 2nd for least snowiest

Least snowiest winter

CINCINNATI - The warm temperatures are making nature think it's spring.  It's the last day of January and so far this winter we've only seen about two inches of snow.  And that's being generous.  The last time we saw so little was the winter of 1918-1919 which garnered a measly 1.6 inches of snow.

At Blooming Garden Center and Landscaping, potted plants are blooming and tree buds are sprouting.  Add in a few storm clouds, showers and mild temperatures and it all mimics an early spring.  But nature will run it's course says Chris McKeown, an expert in plant care. 

McKeown says most plants will survive the confusing weather.

"You just got to remember that this happens at some degree at every point of year and it's gonna get cold again and that stops everything in it's tracks and it'll get warm again and things will get going again."

Here are the National Weather Service in Wilmington's top 10 least snowiest winters on record for the Tri-State.


   YEAR         AMOUNT

1 1918-1919 1.6

2 2011-2012 2.0

3 1931-1932 3.6

4 1927-1928 5.2

5 1896-1897 5.8

6 1968-1969 6.5

7 1922-1923 6.6

TIE 1982-1983 6.6

9 1949-1950 7.9

10 1988-1989 8.3

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