"Thanks" Mother Nature

Clear skies hang around until Sunday

OK, Mother Nature what kind of tricks do you have up your sleeve for winter? It's a solid question given the outstanding weather we'll see over the next few days. When do we have to pay for this?

High pressure will slide over the Carolinas and set up some southwest winds pushing the temperatures 10-12 degrees above normal. Clear skies will give way to rain by Sunday...here's the back story, there's an off chance for some flurries overnight into Monday. It shouldn't be a big deal. I think very similar to the last time we had flurries. It just seems a bit early to me.

Let me wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. A number of folks find this their favorite holiday. It certainly is mine. Less hussle & bussle and more enjoyment with the family. The next couple of months are my favorite as we stuff people, planes & mailboxes for the holidays!

My wife, Julie, just told me today that my in-laws are bringing a turkey to the house. We are having the family and that means about 20 or so people. Here's the backstory...I always grew up with a big turkey. My dad always would bring in a bird around 30 POUNDS! Well, you really get them that big anymore plus it takes so long to slow cook it. Nevertheless, Si & Marge are bringing a 23 pounder and we have a 25er. I know, it seems like overkill (literally...lol) but the white meat goes quick around my house.

Why so big? The family always enjoys a couple of turkey sandwiches the next day before our favorite. Julie's now famous turkey soup. Check that...turkey stew. It's a big, meaty, delicious melange just perfect for the cold weather ahead.

Have a great day tomorrow and I'll leave you with this. I stumbled on it today: Trytophan myth

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