Schools in, parking problems and traffic abound

From graduate students to kindergartners, Monday is back to school for thousands.

Those thousands means wide-spread traffic delays and packed parking lots at Cincinnati Public Schools, Xavier University, Miami University, and the University of Cincinnati.

To deal with the congestion, UC put police officers manning intersections Monday and plan to do the same Tuesday.

Jon Moon, a senior at UC who commutes from Anderson Township, describes parking as “crazy.”

"There's really only one good street that everybody takes. It's called Bishop. Outside of that, you're kind of on your own," Moon said.

A few miles away, traffic was a little lighter at Xavier University. While the parking lots were packed, commuters could still find several meter parking spots.

Unlike Jon, Xavier student Danielle Cunha says it’s worth the $180 she spent for a spot on campus.

"It's much easier than paying meters or getting a ticket because there's a cop over there giving out tickets right now," Cunha said.
Jon says all week he’ll also be paying close attention when walking across streets considering many people are new to UC. As for parking, he’ll take his chances.

"I'll be trying to carpool with friends and stuff. Some of them have passes, some of them don't. So we'll kind of wing it depending on the day," Moon said.

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