Lytle Tunnel pothole claims six vehicles, causes delays

CINCINNATI – After more snow blanketed the region Friday night, the winter that refuses to end showed its cost on local roads Saturday morning.

Ohio Department of Transportation workers busily patched a pothole inside Lytle Tunnel after the damaged roadway beat up six to eight vehicles during the early morning hours.

Cincinnati police confirmed they received that many calls about vehicles with flat tires because of the vehicle-eating hole along southbound I-71.

In an email, a woman who simple wanted to identify herself as Charele said she was a Lytle Tunnel pothole victim.

“After hitting this extremely large hole I realized I had a flat tire,” Charele said. “After going around the corner, I also saw that I was not alone; there were four other people pulled over changing their tires, a tow truck, and a police officer. The police officer came over to my car and helped me put on my donut.”

No one was injured in those incidents, though the pothole did create delays along the roadway.

In other areas across the Tri-State traffic became snarled when cars crashed due to icy conditions. The feeder ramp from northbound I-71 closed briefly in Boone County, closing off traffic that normally flows to I-75 for a period of time.

Later in the day, multiple vehicles closed down southbound I-71 near Montgomery Road when multiple vehicles hit one another.

Has your car been damaged due to potholes created by this winter’s weather? If so, contact WCPO at

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