Villa Hills Mayor accused of stalling vote on removal from office

VILLA HILLS, Ky. - The Mayor of Villa Hills is being accused by city council members of stalling plans to vote on his dismissal from office.

Mayor Mike Martin changed the agenda of a special council meeting held Wednesday where council was expected to vote on whether to hold a hearing where Martin could be voted out of office.

"It's nothing but a delay tactic on the mayor's part, he knows that this council is fed up with his lack of administrative skills, and his illegal activities, and it's time for him to come to a public hearing and defend himself which he chooses not to do," said Villa Hills Council Member Scott Ringo.

Mayor Martin says he never approved the original agenda.

"I feel it's just a continuation of a personal attack, and they definitely aren't showing the best interest of the community," said Martin.

Mayor Martin is facing criminal charges for allegedly burning city documents.

Court papers show martin is also accused violating a court order by shredding more documents.

Martin says he wasn't present when the latest documents were destroyed.

The council has called a special meeting for Friday where they will vote on whether to hold a public hearing to decide the fate of Martin as the Mayor of Villa Hills.

It would take a unanimous vote by the Villa Hills City Council to remove Martin from office.

"They've already been told they don't have the votes to make it happen, but yet they're going to continue on, why would you continue on if you know you don't have the votes?" said Martin.

The special meeting will be held Friday at 7 p.m. the Villa Hills city building at 719 Rogers Road.

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