Dozens of suspected drug dealers arrested in Covington

COVINGTON, Ky. - Covington police along with agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration hit the streets of Covington Wednesday with more than 80 arrest warrants.

Authorities rounded up dozens of suspected drug dealers wanted for trafficking heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and prescription pain killers among other drugs.

Police say the community came to them asking for help to clean up the streets.

"Our community is involved and really engaged and really involved in solving problems, and this is just an example of that," said Covington police Lt. Col. Spike Jones.

Jones says Wednesday's sweep is the culmination of an eight month investigation.

As of Thursday night, 36 suspects were arrested. Police say each suspect is facing multiple charges, and they hope they will be able to keep the suspected dealers in jail for a long time.

Residents are hopeful the effort will clean up the streets of Covington.

"As long as police stay on it," said Covington resident Charlene Kidd.

The Kentucky National Guard provided air support for the operation.

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