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Nominate a student right now for Student of the Week. You can nominate the student by filling out the form below and clicking the submit button.

Step 1:
In order to nominate a student, you must be a school principal, teacher or counselor. Students of any grade level, from kindergarten through high school, may be nominated. Identify a student that demonstrates some (but not necessarily all) of the following nine qualifications:

1. Persistence in giving personal best
2. An inspiring example to others
3. Peer leadership
4. Strong contribution to school and/or community (through volunteerism, school clubs, extra-curricular activities, projects, etc.)
5. High academic achievement
6. Positive attitude
7. Perseverance (i.e. overcoming a handicap, behavioral problem, or other personal difficulty)
8. Love of learning
9. Desire, determination, and diligence to improve

Step 2:
Fill out the e-mail form below, or send a detailed letter including the information requested to WCPO-TV.

If you choose to send your nomination in via mail, send a letter to the following address:
Student of the Week
1720 Gilbert Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Important Note:
A panel of judges will make selections on a monthly basis, but all students nominated will be eligible throughout the school year as the selection process is ongoing.

Nominators of the students selected will be contacted by the "Student of the Week" host. Due to the potential number of nominations, the Student of the Week panel will not notify the nominators of students who are not selected.

Thank you for the time you are taking to inquire about a segment we are very excited about!

  • Student of the Week Application

  • (Note: The home phone # and address is not required if giving such information would violate confidentiality. Channel 9 will not broadcast or otherwise release the information.)

  • Using the "9" qualifications listed above as a guideline, please type a couple of paragraphs expressing why you think this student should be named "Student of the Week." Please include your personal experience with the student. Also it is important to include the details of one specific example in which the student displayed some action that really inspired you and others. We are looking for insight into what sets this student apart from other exceptional students.

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