Neighborhood News: WCPO provides news and information for 60+ communities in seven counties

CINCINNATI - Call it the bread and butter of community: The ingredients that mean everything to the daily lives of people in your neighborhood, school district or town. provides school news, real estate transactions, the police blotter, community events, new businesses, obituaries and much more for communities in the following counties:

  • Boone
  • Butler
  • Campbell
  • Clermont
  • Hamilton
  • Kenton
  • Warren

How to find Neighborhood News

The landing page for Neighborhood News is Once you are there, simply click on the community names you'd like to read about. Or, you can pick you favorite town and bookmark that page.

You can also make your way to the section from the navigation bar. Simply look for Neighborhood News under "Sections."

How we do it

WCPO works with a company called LocalLabs to find information about each of the communities we cover. LocalLabs is a leading innovator in the creation and delivery of hyperlocal data and news. Using a transformative, data-driven approach, LocalLabs delivers rich, original community news.

  • We also welcome news from you! Check out your community pages, and if you have an item that you think we should include, email it to

If you have any questions about the Neighborhood News, please feel free to email me! 

  • Holly Edgell, Community Editor:



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