Emily - Two Purple Couches

Here at Two Purple Couches is a little of what I love, in no particular order: craft-dabbling, fresh flowers, lattes, reading, piano-playing, cozy throws, adding to my shoe collection, color (especially purple!), Christmas carols, naming my ceramic animals, bold patterns, musicals, and flashy neutrals. Sit down, get comfy, and check out my latest project!

I am a self-proclaimed Dabbler; meaning you'll constantly find me trying my hand at this or giving that a shot. Blame it on my childhood imagination, but I can't do just one thing. From sewing to painting to mod podging and more, chances are I've tried it (or it's on my ever-growing to-do list of crafts).

Why Two Purple Couches?

I knew my blog name had to be well thought through, and something that symbolizes my family's home and our style. The answer was literally right in front of me—the purple couches in our family room! Somehow, before we got married, I was able to talk my adventure-adverse, neutral-loving husband into purchasing purple couches. And before we moved into our current home, I mused and agonized over how we would decorate our new space around our purple furniture. So, it only seemed fitting that the blog chronicling our adventures in home ownership and decorating should be named after the furniture that symbolizes us!

Now that you know the story behind the name, how about a little more about me?

I'm a West-Side-of-Cincinnati-Ohio native: born, raised, and still here after 30 years. If you're at all familiar with Cincinnati, or how our city's culture operates, you just learned a pretty important insight about who I am. Cincinnatians like to be able to define you by the high school (yes, I said high school) you went to (I'm a Mercy girl), and the side of town you live on. Weird, I know. But, I love this city, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! I've got strong German roots in this town going back to the 1800s!

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