Citie - The Citie Report

The Citie Report is the written, photographic, and food works of a girl who has some big dreams and is just trying to find her way through life.

The Citie Report is the new and improved version of my original blog Small Girl Adventures which began as an outlet for me to share my journeys through culinary school and the life I lived while working in restaurant kitchens. Now, I’ve helped evolve it into something more. What you’ve so kindly stuck around to read is a journal of the life of one 20-something,big hearted, and wide eyed young lady named Stephanie who is trying to find herself in a big world. A journal that focuses on sharing stories that evolve around my kitchen creations, the places I’ve been to and the food I’ve eaten, the adventures I’ve lived through and go through today, and the great people I’ve met.

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