The 12 Days of ButchWatch

CINCINNATI - I don't know about you, but there are two things these days I can't seem to get away from: Christmas music and the Butch Jones "where's he going"? coaching saga .

It was only a matter of time before the two merged.

Sure, it could be "All I Want for Christmas is a Job at UT" or "Silent Coach, Shifty Coach" or "Orange and White Christmas."

But this one seems to make the most sense. Keep in mind, it's early, so my judgment and songwriting are cloudy.

On the 12th Day of ButchWatch, Coach Jones gave to us…

12 reporters digging

'11 Big East champions

Ten Vols-a-cheering

Nine Bearcat wins

Eight gazillion tweets

Seven UT losses

Six orange neckties

Five-hour drive (to Knoxville)

Four wooing schools

Three years and gone,

Too many rumors,

and a job in the SEC.


Or maybe we could go this route:


UC better watch out, UC better not cry

Three years and out -

They tell their coaches bye-bye

Another one is leaving our town

He's made a long list

And visited thrice

This morning we found out which one thought he was nice

Another coach is leaving our town

He won the conference two times

He was wooed by many teams

But he's headed down to Knoxville town

To sing "Rocky Top" incessantly

Oh! UC better watch out

UC better not cry

The coaching search starts now

Who's the next guy they'll sign?

‘Cause another coach is leaving our town.


My apologies to Christmas carol writers everywhere.

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