Popo's Monday Morning Rush for February 3, 2014

Seahawks rock the Broncos, big game is big dud

CINCINNATI - Good Morning, it's Monday February 3, 2014:

THE HANGOVER: The Seahawks bashed the Denver Broncos 43-8 in a game that didn't feel that close. The Seahawks defense was punishing and ever--present.   Denver turned over the football and Seattle made them pay.  Seattle forced four turnovers.  Denver had 26 all season long.

LIKE OLD TIMES: Somebody suggested this was the worst Super Bowl ever.  Probably not. There have been a lot of dogs. Remember the Bears by 36 over the Patriots...the 49er's by 45 over Denver....Dallas ripped the Bills bigtime....and the 49er's once throttled the Chargers 49-26 and it could have been a lot worse.

IT USED TO BE COMMON:  For those of you who remember Sport Magazine, I recall an article one year entitled "Can there be a Super Bowl worthy of the pregame show?" That's how bad some of these games were.

HALFTIME HIGH:  I think we all hoped at halftime that it might still be a ballgame.  The Seahawks led 22-0 and you figured that Denver would make a run.  Didn't happen.  Denver kicked it off to start the second half and Percy Harvin ran it back 87-yards for a touchdown.  29-nothing in a New York minute.

PEYTON'S PLIGHT: In his post game interview, Peyton Manning didn't sound like a guy who was hanging it up. He told ESPN that win or lose, he had been planning to come back for 2014 all along. He's 11-12 in postseason games, 1-2 in Super Bowls. He sure didn't throw with any authority, did he?  Usually Manning appears to be in control. The Seattle defense appeared to unnerve Manning and the rest of his offense.

PARDON THE INTERRUPTION: Did you see the live comments from the podium of Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith?.  He was beginning to talk when some guy edged next to him, took over the microphone and said something like "We have to investigate the 9-11 attacks, they were run by the US government."  Then a bunch of security guys pounced on this guy and he was out of there.

SNOW BOWL?  Not even close. It was 49 degrees at kickoff.

ODDITY: It was the third straight Super Bowl with a safety.  How do you explain that, other than great defense?. Or perhaps mistakes like Sunday night.

DID YOU KNOW?  Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson was born in Cincinnati.  His dad was a lawyer who worked in the 80's for Procter and Gamble's legal department. A publication about  Dartmouth University news pointed out that Harry Wilson was working in Cincinnati at the same time  his former Dartmouth teammate Reggie Williams was playing with the Bengals..  According to the same publication, "Dartmouth Now" Wilson wanted to try cases, so he moved the family to Richmond, Virginia.  Being that Russell Wilson was born in late November of 1988, he probably lived in Cincinnati for less than two years,  But we can claim him for his birth at least.  He's a real impressive young man.

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Have a great Monday. Stay out of the snow...or rain...or whatever comes down in your town.




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