Popo's Monday Morning Rush for February 10, 2014

Sochi gold, Pebble Beach golf, Beatles remembered

CINCINNATI - Good Morning. It's Monday, Feb. 10, 2014.  A thaw is promised in two days.

SNOWBOARDING, THE NATIONAL PAST TIME:  I knew Americans were great at all these extreme sports, but I wouldn't have expected gold medals in the first two snowboarding events. Sage Kotsenburg won the men's slopestyle on Saturday and Jamie Anderson won the women's competition Sunday.

FIGURE SKATING:  First of all, where did TEAM figure skating come from? I have to think it was invented for the American audiences.  I recall when I went to Lillehammer in 1994, the Europeans were lukewarm when it came to figure skating. But the TV networks knew the Americans had a great appetite for it.

NEVERTHELESS: Russia had the gold medal team, Canada was second and the USA was bronze.

THE MEDAL COUNT: I think counting medals is dumb, but everybody does it, so it must be important to somebody.  Norway leads the medal race with seven, The Netherlands has four, same as the USA, Canada and Russia.  Norway, the Netherlands and the USA all have won two gold medals.

THIS DAY IN THE OLYMPICS: It was February 10,1968 that Peggy Fleming won the gold medal in women's figure skating at Grenoble. She had a lengthy career as a professional skater and television analyst. She's one of those women who became prettier the older she got. Great eyes.

YIPS: I've always said that live sports is the only true reality TV and Sunday's final round of the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am proved it again. Jimmy Walker had a five shot lead with nine holes to play. He barely avoided a playoff with Dustin Johnson and Jim Renner. "It's drama, man" said Walker. "It was too much for me."  Walker shot a 2-over par 74 to win by a single stroke. It was agonizing at times because you were seeing him come undone.

EARLY STARTER: This was Walker's third victory in his last eight tournaments. Only Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and David Duval have won so often so early in a season.

COMING OUT: Michael Sam, a very good football player at Missouri has told the New York Times that he is gay. He's projected to be a mid-round NFL draft pick.

NOW WHAT? There will be endless speculation on whether teams will shy away from drafting Sam, and how he will affect the chemistry of the team. If he does get drafted, there will be wall-to-wall discussion on how he's fitting in. His teammates will have to set the tone, otherwise it will be a circus. He told his Missouri teammates before last season, and it didn't seem to present a problem.

BAD BREAK: Former Highlands and Kentucky quarterback Jared Lorenzen suffered a broken tibia when he was tackled playing for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters Sunday. Jared got a lot of national attention last week after video surfaced of his game in Lexington.  There aren't too many 320 pound quarterbacks out there.  He indicated to me Sunday night that he'll have surgery next week.  He's a good guy who can laugh at himself.  Hope it turns out well.

MAKEOVER: The city of Lexington and the state of Kentucky will reveal today the plans to modernize Rupp Arena.  They're calling it the "reinvented Rupp Arena."

GETTING CLOSER: The Reds equipment truck arrived in Goodyear, Arizona Sunday.  Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training on Friday.  The whole squad starts work a week from Wednesday.

WISH I WAS THERE: The 5-day forecast for Goodyear calls for high temperatures between 75 and 85 degrees.

50 YEARS AGO: I thought the CBS retrospective on the Beatles anniversary was exceptionally well done. I'm usually disappointed with shows like that.  But they did a great job in capturing the moment from 1964. The musicians gathered to update Beatles music was well thought out.  I loved the perspectives from the fans and production people at CBS. Letterman did a good job with Ringo and Paul. I especially liked how artists of the past 5 decades described what the Beatles meant to them.  I was 14 then.  I thought it was thrilling in 1964 and I loved seeing the story retold in 2014.

AND LETTERMAN WAS RIGHT: The day after the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan, our hair was a little longer. At least we thought so.

CLOSING THOUGHT: I heard somebody mention the other day how many songs the Beatles put on the old Top 40 charts and how many shot to No. 1.  It was a big number.  But the reply was "And there's a good chance you can still hum every one of those songs."  I think that's very true.

Have a great Monday.....



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