Palmer and agent remain incommunicado; actions affirm plan

CINCINNATI - With the confirmation that Carson Palmer's house will indeedsoon be on the market, speculation has begun about the deeperreasons behind Palmer's perhaps imminent departure fromCincinnati.

According to my sources, Palmer is unimpressed with newoffensive coordinator Jay Gruden. For that matter Carson Palmertells Channel 9 sports sources he had no issues with BobBratkowski, his OC for seven seasons. He contends it is notplay-calling but the Bengals' culture that’s turned footballinto drudgery for him.

We continue to get Palmer's thoughts through intermediaries ashe and agent David Dunn aren't returning our calls. He has been intouch with representatives of Comey-Shepherd real estate, purveyorsof high end properties, to start the process of selling his IndianHill home. acknowledges this latest development, but reportsthat regardless, "it appears to have no impact on his traderequest. They have no plans to trade him or explore a trade andthey are hoping for reconciliation."

Adding to on-field frustrations, Carson's wife is disenchantedwith Cincinnati itself. Knuckleheads throwing trash on theirproperty cemented her feelings, I'm told. So much so she returnedto California well before the season was over.

And as the owner of another professional sports team in townonce said, "If momma ain't happy, nobody's happy."

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