Taylor Swift  and Nick Goepper at the Golden Globes in Hollywood in January. (Photo courtesy of Nick Goepper on Twitter).
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Nick Goepper: Olympic medal winner asks Taylor Swift to be his valentine

Skier holding a 'Dream Date with Nick' contest

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CINCINNATI  -  Nick Goepper wants Taylor Swift to be his Valentine.

The Tri-State's Olympic skier was shooting for the stars after winning a bronze medal Thursday.

But Taylor must not have tweeted back, because a few hours later the 19-year-old Goepper was holding a "Go On A Dream Date With Nick" contest:


Goepper told US Weekly that he will choose one female fan from his social media feed for a date.

But that doesn't mean Goepper has lost his crush on Swift. He met the 24-year-old music star at the Golden Globes in Hollywood last month and had his picture taken with her on the red carpet.


"I mean, she was with her entourage but took the time to just kind of break away and chat with me for a minute. It was nice," Goepper told E! News.

"I feel like we kind of connected."

And there was more.

"She invited me to Rhode Island for a weekend  … No, I'm just kidding," Goepper said.

Goepper has become a celebrity at the Sochi Olympics. The teen from Lawrenceburg, Ind., appeared on the "Today" show Friday morning after waking up to find his face on a  Kellogg's Corn Flakes box.

The charming, handsome, grounded Midwesterner could be a great catch for Swift – or any of the many girls  admiring him on Twitter.

For now, though, Goepper sounds like he's on the prowl:



Goepper says he's having a blast and plans to hang out in Sochi for a while before coming home.  He sent this shout-out to his home state:



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