Long on fresh air and short on sweat: Lawn bowling players say, 'just don't call it bocce ball'

NEWTOWN, Ohio - The members of the Cincinnati Lawn Bowling Club are, by all accounts, very nice people. Just don’t mistake their favorite sports for bocce.

“Every once in awhile we have somebody say, ‘Boy, we should play some bocce here,’” said Joe White, a past president of the club. “And we immediately have to tell people there’s a little similarity but not that much. This is very much a rolling game. Bocce is very much a tossing game.”

The tell-tale sign of bocce? Dimples on the green. The CLBC knows its lawn bowling green at Little Miami Golf Center has been used for bocce when dimples show up on the green.

“This is a very smooth putting green surface,” White said. “Billiard-table smooth.”

The bocce comparison is reasonable, though. Both sports involve competitors pitching metal balls at targets.

  WCPO Insiders can read where the similarity to bocce ball ends and learn why members of the CLBC believe their game is attracting more fans and players. 

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