More quotes from the 9th softball final

More quotes from after Highlands’ 8-7 win over Notre Dame in the Region 9 championship on Thursday.

On standing in the field in the seventh inning:

Haley Coffey: “That was a movie. We were all about to throw up, stomachs turning, shaking, it’s crazy. We had to keep our composure on the field and we did a nice job at that, and we finally got that last out pop-up.”

Whitney Quillen: “I don’t think I could stand still that inning. I was constantly moving or biting my shirt, I didn’t know what to do, but I knew that our defense would pick our pitcher up and we would get out of that inning with the win.”

On reacting to Notre Dame’s would-be tying double in the top of the seventh:

Rob Coffey: “I was already into the next inning, thinking, how do we get there, how do we pull this off?”

On getting her team going to lead off the bottom of the first with a triple:

Whitney Quillen: “I knew that I had to prove to the team that Haylee Smith was hittable. I knew I had to go up there hacking and see what I could do for the team.”

On the Pandas fighting back in the seventh until the final pitch:

Joe Stephenson: “We’re a never-say-die team, we’ve had to come from behind a couple of times this year – not a whole lot – but these seniors’ leadership and what they bring to the table, we’ve always got a chance.”

On Notre Dame’s season:

Joe Stephenson: “I’ll go on record as saying that this is the best hitting lineup anybody’s ever seen in Northern Kentucky. I’ll put that in writing. Maybe the best team, top to bottom, 1 through 9, that Northern Kentucky has ever seen. Today we just didn’t get it done.”

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