WATCH: Popo and Mike Martin talk life, old times and Bengals football

Cincinnati has known Mike Martin since he got drafted by the Bengals back in 1983.

He has been a player, a singer, a broadcaster, a successful high school coach and even a club owner. Martin's was also a longtime regular guest on Sports Of All Sorts with former host John Popovich.

One of the roles the 53-year-old is most proud of, though, is being a loving father and family man.

Tragically, he endured the greatest pain a parent can suffer through in May, when he lost his 25-year-old son Marcus to a pulmonary embolism.

Since then a lot has changed in Martin's life.

After more than 30 years of giving to the Cincinnati community, Mike and Michelle Martin moved onto the next phase of their lives in Chicago. Don't worry, he's still coaching young football players just like he did for all those years in the Queen City.

On Sunday, Martin returned to Cincinnati and the set of Sports Of All Sorts to reunite with Popovich and discuss life, old times and even a little Bengals football.

You can watch the three-part sit-down interview in the media player above.

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