VIDEO: Broo talks to 'Pacman' Jones on Sports of All Sorts

Wine gets better with age. NFL cornerbacks? Not so much.

That's the reality that's setting in for Bengals defensive back Adam Jones, who at 30 years old is looking at the back end of a lengthy professional football career.

He's the second oldest of the 10 corners listed on the team's preseason roster. Terrance Newman is 35.

Although Pacman will turn 31 on the last day of September, he says he feels like his skills still resemble those of a 28-year-old.

That’s not only because of his efforts in the weight room. He missed three seasons, in part because of various suspensions imposed on him by the NFL for off-the-field troubles.

“I sat out three and a half years, so I haven’t hit that wall as far as body wise,” Jones said. “I do a good job of keeping myself conditioned in the off season. I feel good but when it comes the day I can't do it anymore I will let it go.”

He doesn’t see that happening any time soon, though.

“But right now I feel like I have a good six or seven years,” he said.

WCPO sports anchor Ken Broo sat down with Jones for a segment on Sports of All Sorts. The two discuss getting older, training camp and the upcoming 2014 season. 

Watch the interview in the media player above. 

You can catch Sports of All Sorts every Sunday after 11 p.m. newscast.

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