Raccoon found in stands of Paul Brown Stadium during Bengals-Cowboys game

CINCINNATI - The Cincinnati Bengals fell to the Cowboys Sunday, but the team from Dallas wasn't the only visitor.

Fans found a raccoon in the stands of Paul Brown Stadium when the Bengals took on the Cowboys on Dec. 9. While it is not yet clear how or why the critter made his way into the stadium (perhaps for beer and a hot dog?), a brave Bengals fan scooped up the masked mammal and escorted him out of the section, but was bitten during the process.

The Cincinnati SPCA took the animal after it had bitten the fan. The raccoon is being tested for rabies.

Rumors the fan was being treated for rabies are "premature," said Cincinnati SPCA Director Harold Dates.

There is a 10-day window between being bitten by a rabies-infected animal and the necessity for rabies treatment, Dates says.

The raccoon was bad luck for more than just the fan, as a last second field goal led the Cowboys to a win over the Bengals, 20-19.

To watch a video of raccoon's capture, click on the player below. (Note to mobile and tablet users: Open story in a browser watch video.)

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