Palmer's visit was misconstrued by Mike Brown

Palmer visited Bengals in July

CINCINNATI - It was just after the NFL lockout ended when Carson Palmer paid a surprise visit to team president Mike Brown, according to Channel 9 Sports sources.

When told that the 31-year-old Palmer, who'd said he would retire if not traded rather than play another down for Cincinnati, was coming, Brown was reportedly very excited. He anticipated that Palmer had changed his mind and wanted to renounce his decision to call it a career.

Brown's thinking was shaded by the idea that no one in his right mind would walk away from upward of $40 million in a temporary snit.

Turns out he was mistaken. Palmer, according to our sources, wanted to press the case to be traded in person.

"Face to face" mattered little to the Bengals owner. I'm told that he dispatched Palmer with no regard for decorum, promptly showing him the door.

Palmer could make things even more interesting if he decides to show up next week before the Bengals play the Cleveland Browns in the season opener as many have speculated. If that were to happen, the Bengals would either have to add Palmer to the roster and pay him his 2011 salary of $11.5 million, trade him or release him.

Palmer has yet to officially file retirement papers.

Cincinnati is $29 million under the salary cap and with how adamant Brown is on not trading Palmer, it should come as no surprise if the Bengals paid Palmer his salary and buried him on the roster.

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