Fans use social media to get unify effort against LeBron

CLEVELAND - What is the best way to welcome LeBron James back to Clevelandon Thursday?

Some say booing. Others say kill him with kindness.

How about laughing at him?

That’s the argument some fans are making, thatthey’re using social media to create a unified effort againstLeBron during Thursday’s game. Fans have developed theTwitter accounts @LaughAtLebron @cavs_chants and thewebsite,which detail a specific approach to mock the self-proclaimed“Chosen One.”

The @LaughAtLebronaccount asks that instead of booing when LeBron is introduced, fansrespond with laughter. After the introductions, the account @cavs_chants has puttogether a series of chants for fans to follow throughout thegame.

The website, which is connected with the two Twitter accounts,includes a chantsheet, which has time-specific jeers to lob at LeBron, based onthe point of the game.

For example, the chant sheetasks fans to chant “Wit-nessed Noth-ing (Clap, Clap,ClapClapClap)” between the 12:00 and 6:00 minute marks of thesecond quarter.

A letter to fans on the website explains the motives behind theapproach.

“We’re here to serve two purposes; the first is tomake LeBron James feel the pain we all felt when he went onnational TV and stabbed our city in the heart. It was a cold,callous, and calculated attack. The second reason is to ensure thatThursday December 2nd 2010 is remembered as a day Clevelandersstood in unity rather than a day that will live ininfamy.”

We’ll see if it works, or if the Cavs faithful prefer togo with the "boo-him-like-crazy" routine.