Cricket? You can find Cincinnati players from across the globe batting at Voice of America Park

WEST CHESTER, Ohio - The fastest means to success in sports isn’t always on a field or court. Sometimes all it takes is a pen, some paper and maybe a spreadsheet or two.

In the span of 10 years, the Cincinnati Cricket Club i has grown from a casual group of friends into one of the elite cricket clubs in the state.

The key? Organization, organization, organization.

“That involved doing all of the dirty work,” said Jerome Fernandes, a Hamilton Township resident who is in charge of membership, finance and communications for the club. “We secure sponsorships. We secure funding. We spend wisely. We have a good name in the Midwest cricketing circle, not because we win but because we do things the right way. We’re not just a mom-and-pop club. We have processes for everything.”

If that sounds intense that’s because it is. These guys put a ton of their own time into making the club a success, fitting cricket into their tight schedules during the warm weather months, alongside careers and families.

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