Could Chad Johnson rescue fans from blackout?

Former Bengal tweets 'I'll get the rest'

CINCINNATI -- Could Chad Johnson rescue Bengals fans from a blackout?

The Bengals home playoff game against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday will be blacked out if the organization doesn’t find a way to sell thousands of tickets by an NFL-mandated deadline.

As of 5 p.m Wednesday, that total was down to about 8,000 tickets.

But former Bengals wide receiver Johnson tweeted Tuesday evening that he'd "get the rest" if needed.

In 2009, Johnson reportedly teamed up with Motorola to buy the remaining tickets and avoid a blackout in a regular season against the Houston Texans.

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But Director of Sales and Bengals Public Affairs spokesperson Jeff Berding told WCPO Wednesday evening Bengals officials spoke with Johnson earlier in the day and he was "shocked" by how much it would cost to sell out the game.

For more information on the possible blackout, CLICK HERE.

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