Colts player John Boyett arrested at bar after fight with cops, police say

Team waives rookie safety after incident

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Police said an Indianapolis Colts player was arrested after he was refused entry into a bar and ran from officers who attempted to detain him, saying, "You can’t arrest me. I’m a Colts player.”

Police said rookie safety John Boyett was abusive to officers, made fun of  a lieutenant’s appearance and threatened "to come back and break your jaw.”

The Colts waived Boyett, a sixth-round draft pick from Oregon, after his arrest  for public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting law enforcement early Monday morning.

Cops said officers were patrolling the 200 block of South Meridian Street when an employee from Tiki Bob’s Bar at 231 S. Meridian approached an officer to tell him a man was sticking around the bar’s door, refusing to leave.

Officers headed to the bar, but the man employees were worried about was gone.

Staff told officers the man was too drunk and they had refused to let him inside. They said the man had been told several times to leave and he had cursed at patrons of the bar and people on the sidewalk. Officers told the bar’s staff to contact them if the man returned.

And, officers said, he did. But not before leaning up against a police car and making his presence even more noticeable to officers.

A few minutes later, an officer with the word “POLICE” on his tactical vest said a man walked up to the rear of his vehicle and leaned up against it. The officer told the man to get off his car and get out of the street, to which the man replied by asking if “he was a cop.”

The officer said yes, and again told the man to get out of the street.

Just five minutes later, Tiki Bob’s contacted authorities to tell them the bothersome man was back. When officers arrived, police said they found the same man who had been leaning against a police vehicle and standing around in the street.

Officers said they was later able to identify this man as Boyett, 23, originally of Napa Valley, Calif.

As an officer approached Boyett, police said the Tiki Bob’s bar employee at the door was shaking his head at Boyett as Boyett gestured toward the worker.

The officer approached Boyett, grabbed his wrist and stated, “Police, you’re under arrest.”

That’s when, officers said, Boyett pulled his wrist away, threw a stiff arm out toward the officer, and ran away north on Meridan.

The officer said the attempt to strike him failed, and he began pursuing Boyett.

Other officers were able to track him down after a pursuit, but police said it took several of them to secure Boyett in handcuffs.

Authorities said when officers asked Boyett repeatedly what his name was, all he would say is, “You can’t arrest me. I’m a Colts player.”

Boyett was reportedly very angry and was yelling at police to let him go. Officers finally got his name and officers said they determined he was drunk by his odor, his slurred speech, his red, glassy eyes and his very abusive behavior toward everyone.

Police said even as Boyett was being put into a vehicle to be transported, he was still yelling abusively at officers. He even reportedly made fun of one lieutenant’s appearance.

“Boyett began to make fun of the (lieutenant’s) hair and nose,” the police report stated. “(The lieutenant) didn’t know why he was being yelled (at) since he had nothing to do with it.”

Authorities said Boyett then yelled at the lieutenant, “I am going to come back and break your jaw.”

Officers said after finally getting Boyett into the transport, he was booked into the Marion County Jail.


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