Former Xavier Musketeer Dez Wells headed to Maryland after expulsion


Dez Wells announced Tuesday on Twitter that he will be attending the University of Maryland and playing basketball as a Terrapin this year.

" The last couple of weeks have been the toughest time in my life for my family and I," Wells said on Twitter when announcing his decision to attend Maryland. " I've learned that it is a major responsibility that comes with being a student athlete at all times. I'm thankful that God has blessed me with a second opportunity to continue my education."

Wells likely won't be able to play basketball this season because of the NCAA's transfer rules, but it is possible Wells could receive a waiver because of the unique circumstances of the transfer.

Wells had also considered Oregon, Memphis and Kentucky.

The 6'5" sophomore was expelled from Xavier University after being accused of rape, but the Hamilton County prosecutor found no legal grounds to criminally charge Wells.

Xavier fans have held their breath since the prosecutor decided not to press charges, hoping that Xavier would reconsider their decision.

But alas, Wells heads to the East Coast, where he has a chance to return a once super-power to national relevance on the NCAA college basketball scene.

Back home in Cincinnati, frustration for Musketeer fans, losing what was going to be the team's central building block for several years to come after losing four starters last year.

Here is Xavier's statement on the expulsion and their refusal to reconsider:

Federal Law (Title IX) and Federal regulations and guidances prohibit universities from ceding student conduct matters to the criminal justice system. The Federal law requires schools to act quickly and all schools, by law, must use the "preponderance of the evidence" standard, whereas the criminal justice system uses the "probable cause" standard to indict, and the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard to convict.

The process used by the Xavier University Conduct Board is the standard used in American universities. The XU Conduct Board heard evidence that may or may not have been heard by the grand jury. After the conduct board reached its decision, the matter was considered and upheld by an appeal board of members of the student body, faculty and staff and is final.

So Xavier boots a talent like Wells, who is described as nothing less than a "fine, young man" by all those who know him, because of allegations that wouldn't hold up in a court of law, and even after the prosecutor urged the university to reconsider their decision.

No disrespect to Xavier (my alumnus) as the final decision is theirs on the grounds they find justifiable to control their student population (after all, they do "admit" and "deny" students each and every year to begin with), but if the Crosstown Shootout brawl hadn't gone down, and XU hadn't been recently sued for their handling of a separate sexual assault case, does Wells get kicked out so swiftly?

Commence debate.

You can't blame Wells for moving on quickly, because maybe he wouldn't want to come back after being asked to leave the way he was.

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