UC's Nippert Stadium to undergo $60-70 million in renovations

CINCINNATI - The University of Cincinnati announced its plan to completely renovate Nippert Stadium, which will cost tens of millions of dollars.

The project is projected to cost between $60 and 70 million once completed and the west pavilion will look much different than it does currently, according to UC officials.

UC athletic director Whit Babcock says the plan focuses mainly on premium seating and adding more seats overall.

Plans show the press box being 1 story taller and approximately 2-2.5 times longer so it matches the east upper deck. The west side will have four main levels.

The top being a camera deck, the third floor for the press, the second floor for suites and the first level the club level.

Babcock says renovations to Nippert are a must to make games more fun and comfortable for fans and to help the athletic department financially.

"We want to compete at the highest levels, that's been said many times, but if we want to change where we are currently as a department or improve, we can't do what we've always done. Balancing our budget in this department has been a challenge in recent years we're working hard at that. Our budget is one of the lowest out of all BCS conference schools currently," said Babcock.

Babcock says money to renovate the stadium will come from donations and a major fundraising campaign.

Revenue coming from the newly added suites and club seats should also help pay for the facility.

It's not clear when construction will start.

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