'Twas the Monday after the Shootout

CINCINNATI - By now, you've heard all about the Crosstown Shootout brawl. You've seen the video, you've chosen your side, you've formed your opinion.

I could spent the next few paragraphs presenting my opinion of things, and I will. But just droning on won't keep your attention today. So I'm going to do it in the form of "‘Twas the Night Before Christmas."


‘Twas the Monday after the Shootout and all through the land,

People were deciding who got the upper hand.


For there on the court, there arose such a clatter,

Fans sprang from their seats to see what was the matter.


When what to their wondering eyes should appear

Was a melee, a brawl – a fight in high gear!


Sports fans awaited the next day with dread

As suspensions, not sugar plums, danced in their heads.


The little old driver – so lively and quick.

We knew in a moment it must be Coach Mick –


He tore off their jerseys, said, "This is a game!"

He yelled and he screamed and he called them by name.


Now Gates, now Ellis, now Mbodj – you too–

You're out for six games – on that you can chew.


But they weren't alone in their penalties, no!

The X-Men got hit hard for their part, fo sho.


Coach Mack was embarrassed, amazed and quite shocked.

His players were guilty, and Kenny Frease got cold-cocked.


Now Lyons, now Holloway, now Amos and Wells

From one game to four - you'll all sit a spell.


Bottom line is this: as much as we stared at the game

The rest of the nation was doing the same.


They think of the Shootout now, not for the intensity

But for the ending – the fighting propensity.


This is a great rivalry, matched by few schools

And this year it deteriorated to smack talk and boos.


We can do better, as teams, fans and city

This shouldn't be our legacy. If so, what a pity.


Have they learned their lesson? Is their sorrow sincere?

We won't know for sure ‘til the Shootout next year.

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