Oregon, Ohio, mayor changes city name to show support for Buckeyes

Jan. 5 Update:

The mayor of Oregon, Ohio, stopped short of changing the city's name to Buckeye Town but did officially amend it Monday in support of Ohio State.

Mayor Mike Seferian said the city will be known as “Oregon, Ohio Buckeyes on the Bay, City of Duck Hunters” for the next week - until Ohio State and Oregon play for the national championship Monday night.

It’s a play on the city’s motto: “Oregon on the Bay, City of Oppportunity.”

The proclamation also declares this week “The Ohio State Buckeye Week” in the city.

Original Story:

It’s a pretty safe bet that almost no one who lives in Oregon is going to pick the Ducks to beat Ohio State in the upcoming NCAA football national title game.

No, I’m not talking about that Oregon, the state in the Pacific Northwest. I mean the one smack dab in the middle of Buckeye country.

At least one of the nearly 21,000 people who live in Oregon, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo, doesn’t want to be associated with their namesake on game day, so he has decided to do something about it.

For a day anyhow.

Matt Squibb started a petition on the website Change.org to have the name of the city changed until after OSU and Oregon battle on Jan. 12. He created it Jan. 2, hours after Ohio State dismantled Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, setting up the championship showdown.

“I grew up in Oregon, Ohio and love the city, but for the day of the ‘Big Game’ I am asking the city council to make a proclamation to change the name of the city for one day. Call it Buckeye Town, Ohio City, Brutusville, whatever, you get the point."

Maybe they’re not the most creative choices but they’re better than supporting your rival by way of name association, right?

He's is asking for the local high school, Clay High School, to adjust their name and school colors for the day as well.

Squibb says he's not that much of an Ohio State fan. In fact, a lot of people in that part of the world cheer for Toledo, Notre Dame and, worse, the Michigan Wolverines because they're closer to the city.

But they live in the Buckeye State and Squibb wants to make sure the residents of Oregon can show their collective face around rest of the state if the name of their city is seen as some sort of game-day jinx.

“I am not a huge Buckeye fan but I feel this game is important to a lot of people I know and many of those people are superstitious, so lets make this happen people! I know it would mean a lot to my friend Trisha, Chuck, and my Dad.”

He’s asking for 1,500 supporters and as of Saturday night he was only a handful short. However, there’s a new wrinkle in the plan.

Squibb said he was told city officials plan to make a proclamation but may not change the name because it will “upset Michigan and Notre Dame fans in the area.”

I haven’t been able to confirm whether or not that’s true, but if it is, come on!

As David Hendricks posted, “first off Notre Dame and Michigan are not in Ohio, relax for one day, make the state proud.”

So, University of Cincinnati and Miami fans, what do you think? Could you surrender your loyalties for 24 hours to a show a little support to your home state?

They say it's Ohio against the world, after all.

Xavier fans, you can weigh in as well, even though your opinion on such matters ended in 1973 when your school got rid of its football program.

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