Dayton police play defense as UD Flyers fans take to street

DAYTON, Ohio – Revelers took to the streets, and so did police in riot gear after the University of Dayton Flyers made it to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA men's college basketball tournament Saturday night.

Police from nearly a dozen agencies converged on more than 1,000 college students who celebrated the Flyers first Sweet 16 birth since 1984, television station WHIO in Dayton, Ohio reported. They beat Syracuse 55-53.

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Officials report a small group of students set a couch on fire and glass bottles were thrown in the streets. A few roads were closed as students poured out of their houses and apartments.

By 1 a.m. officers in riot gear ordered students back onto their porches and into their homes.

University of Dayton president Dr. Daniel Curran was seen celebrating on the streets at one point with students. Curran could be seen crowd-surfing, according to one witness who spoke with WHIO. He eventually asked students to follow the orders of officers.

The scene was reminiscent of last year’s Saint Patrick’s Day unrest, WHIO reported. During that event University of Dayton students littered streets near the campus with broken beer bottle glass.

On Twitter, WHIO reported several arrests in Saturday night’s celebration.

Daniel Drescher, 22, a senior communications student in the crowd said, “I’ve been Flyer faithful all these years, now entering the Sweet 16, it’s outstanding.

“Everyone is just having a good time, they’re not doing anything wrong, just cheering and celebrating.”

In the regional semifinals next week, Dayton will face similarly upset-minded Stanford, who defeated No. 2 Kansas.


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