WATCH The Fifth Mascot: Can the Cincinnati Reds win big?

The Fifth Mascot airs Thursday at 2 p.m.

WATCH in the video player above: Do the Cincinnati Reds have what it takes to win a big game? And is it time to part with Zack Cozart? That, and the Fifth Mascot team discusses their pre-game rituals.

The Fifth Mascot is a live-streaming sports show about everything Cincinnati Reds, where hosts Ken Broo and PJ O’Keefe dig into the numbers, hash out the hot topics, and test the conjecture as to where this team needs to go, all while mixing it up from the regular drudge of sports talk by asking the burning questions of Reds fans everywhere such as “What would Dusty do?"

Weekly guest Mr. Satin also joins, taking you around the city to talk to fans and get their perspective on the Reds’ success, and asking of their memories of places long gone like Crosley Field.

Tune in Thursdays at 2 p.m. LIVE on, and after on YouTube and  iTunes podcast, and interact with the show on Twitter using #FifthMascot. Tweet at us for the next topic we should touch on, or share your feedback on what the hosts have to say.


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