VIDEO: Rare footage from 1919 Reds World Series

CINCINNATI - Stories about the notorious 1919 World Series involving the Reds and the infamous “Black Sox” have floated around for the past nearly 100 years.

Eight White Sox players were accused of intentionally losing games and throwing the series in exchange for money from gamblers. The players were acquitted in court, but nevertheless, they were all banned for life from baseball.

There’ve been books, (mostly accurate) movies and, if you were lucky enough to know someone who was living back then, first-hand accounts of what “really” happened transpired between Shoeless Joe Jackson and the rest of the “Eight Men Out.”

But now, thanks to newly released footage posted on YouTube, baseball fans and history buffs alike can take a four-and-a-half minute stroll down memory lane and relive bits and black-and-white pieces of that fabled series.

The excerpt from the British Canadian Pathé News shows footage of several games in both Chicago and at the Reds’ longtime home, Crosley Field.

While it's grainy, somewhat damaged and lacking audio, it's the closest most of us will ever come to being there for the first of the Reds' five World Series championships.


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